when you thought it was going to be a silent fart

when you thought it was going to be a silent fart

my favorite character is the piece of bacon that arthurs dog danced with

i just laughed out loud again oh my god ahahahaha 

prunella and her psychic sister were salty bitches
George is my favorite because I think he is the most underrated character. And when he met that kid with Asperger Syndrome he didn't think he was a freak and still wanted to be his friend.

george is a fuck up and i love him and also he befriended that aspergers kid which is super rad

Mary Moo Cow. Bovines never fail to turn me on ;)


my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard

I like George a lot because I was (and still am) interested in puppetry and ventriloquism and could relate to him with that. I also like Brain because he's literally a huge nerd and he turned into a giant bug once.
my favorite character is the fire that burned down elmwood elementary.

hahahahaha i actually laughed out loud holy fuck

I love how sassy DW is.

she was a lot sassier in the first few seasons. much funnier than anyone in the read family too *glares at Arthur* 

Mr ratburn beacause i think he would look reallllyyy good with no clothes on. also because he would probably be da bomb when it comes to oral sex. Yeahhhh

his nose might get in the way, but yeah i can see it. I bet he’s ripped af.

My favorite Arthur Character would be Binky. He loves Music and Art, like I do and also, I like how he may be hard and mean on the outside, but on the inside, he's a very tenderhearted and one of the kindest people around. :)

Binky is one of my favorite characters for these exact reasons